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This is a very good entry but I think you're off-topic. Too bad. Are you a member of the message board? If you're not, you should so you can go to the challenge discussion threads. It really helps to see what others are saying about the topic. I like it very much, though. Good writing!
Loved this story of compassion and friendship. It's well written and I like the characters.

Although the topic doesn't hit you in the face, I think it is there in the fact that Dave has been in the company of Christ and it shows in his actions towards Sadie and her diner. Keep writing, for His glory.
Good piece and I liked the way that Dave's faith came through without being preachy. You should brush up on punctuation and grammar skills. I don't know how on-topic this is, but I want to encourage you to keep writing!
Whether this is totally on topic or not, it is still a great read. The author makes a great point that Christianity is not just merely attending church. It is about loving and caring for others just as Jesus does. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, and I appreciate you sharing it!
Good story. Nice job. :)