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Very good story and on topic! Yea! This was a sad one but written well. It is so true what you said about being able to tell who knows "Him." We are a reflection of the Lord. Great job! Great title!
Very touching. I would hope that my actions would reflect Christ's light just like the man in this story.
This was very well written, and had great dialogue. On topic as well. May all of us live with our lights shining as brightly as your character. Keep writing!
This story invokes many emotions. Sadness for her situation with her daughter. Joy in her relationship with the Lord. Hope in the caring stranger. Very well done. Keep writing.
I enjoy a piece with great dialogue and your entry was impressive. You evolked the right emotions and ministered your point well. Good job. God bless.
Beautifully written, with superb skill and wordsmanship.
This is wonderful. Well written--I love the dialogue--and right on topic.
This is super. The dialog is authentic and easy to follow and you nailed the topic. Great, great job!!
This is my favorite so far. Maybe becasue I just finished reading "Why I Jumped" and was touched by estranged families. You have much to share, please keep writing.
Very nice slice of life piece. The conversation was believable, and the writing well done. Bet you don't stay in beginners long.
Great writing my friend! I really enjoyed this entry and felt you did a good job on it.
Very nicely written - good job with dialog and emotion especially. Enjoyed this.
You have done an amazing job of getting the reader to empathize with a character whose name is not known. She could be a neighbor, a friend, or a reflection of me.
Love the ending, too.
Wow! I love love love the ending! I will never stop getting thrilled to pieces when someone notices that I am a follower of Christ. This story just gave me happy warm fuzzies. Great job.
Your story is captivating. I couldn't stop. Then your ending was perfect. Very good work on this!
This is one of those stories you HAVE to read to the end. I don't think he did it, and I think the Principal is a jerk for not checking into it further. LOL, sorry, I tend to get riled when someone is accused of something and not even given a chance to prove their innocence. Wish there was someway of proving he didn't do it. Maybe in a future Challenge? :)
Oh bother!! how did I end up commenting on Chrissy's story on my own!!! Orignally this threw me out when I tried to comment. How did it attach here?
Great! I was hooked at the beginning and the believable conversation took us right on through. Loved it!
This is very good. I liked this! Held my interest to the end! :-)
I love the dialogue in this story. Very well written, and you kept drawing me in. Nicely done.
This was beautifully done. I can't believe it didn't place. The dialogue is perfect, and the "aha" moment shows exactly how we're know by our company with the Lord.
I could have been the woman looking out at the waves, and you captured the torment wonderfully. :)
This is a beautiful story. Well-written and poignant. Keep up the great wrok. You won't be a beginner long!
Lynne, I just re-read this jewel, and I have decided to feature it in the Front Page Showcase for the week of March 17. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home Page that Monday. You're definitely one of our new stars!
You have a warm and gentle writing style that just invites me in to read the story as you tell it. I can't believe this was a "beginner" level story. Well done.
Great story, Lynne. Congrats on being the showcase writer for the week.
Yay Lynne! I'm so happy that you got your story showcased. This is the first entry that I had ever read of yours. Very special. :)
Congratulations on your Frontpage Showcase, Lynne! This was a great story, and one worth reading again.
We get to reflect on this one more time! Congrats on being the FW Frontpage Showcase writer this week!
Hi Lynne - Glad you made it into the Showcase. Excellent Writing - Look forward to reading more of your stories.
Lynne, I just love how you spell your name! :-) I also loved your story and just had to tell you. There's a real need in our world today for stories like this.

Congrats! Love your writing style!
Excellent piece, Lynne! SO glad you got the showcase - definitely deserving. Blessings to you, my dear writer friend!
Very thought-provoking and heart-touching. Well written, too. I enjoyed this piece.