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As an empty-nester, I can definitely relate to this!

Consider adding bits of description or action in addition to dialogue. That helps your readers to better visualize the setting, and can help in developing the characters.

Good title, too.
Good description of the mother's attitude change between the two time periods. :)
I enjoyed this piece. Good writing. Keep it up!
Making our memories memorials to the Lord is the best thing we can do! The key is to make new memories. Thank you for sharing your heart in this piece.
Very effective.
I'm in the midst of this process--one gone, one in college, one still in high-school--and I'm trying to not be blind-sided too badly.
Your title definitely nails something that I think all mother's could relate too. The dialouge was just perfect here, I felt as if I knew both of them and wanted to add my own hug of encouragement to the bunch! Great writing! ^_^
This hit so close to home. I still miss my kids. It's so comforting to know that God can ease all our fears, wipe all our tears, and fill all our loneliness. Good job here.
You have captured the emotions of your MC very well and right on topic. Good job!
Perfect title for this piece. You certainly did an excellent job with the emotions - both before and after.

A bit more description would make this shine even more.

Very good choice for the topic, and a truly enjoyable read.
Nice writing and several things came to mind while reading it. One that we tell ourselves we will be happier when....And the other, that when ever something is gone, we must replace it as soon as possible with something good. And Christ is certainly the best.
My kids are still little and you made me miss them already. This really tugs at the heart.
I think this is one of your best pieces. It represents a time with which all parents can identify. One of the hardest steps of parenthood is "letting go." You did a great job.
Been there, done that, so I can relate. Nice flow to this piece. I agree about adding a bit more description, but over all, this is very nice. Kudos!
Great dialog-sounded just true to the situation. Keep writing.
Realistic situation here. Oh, that we could all heed the advice to NOT rush removing the memories...