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I loved the "Muwah!" What a sweet touch.

I didn't care for the "Muwah" but I'm an unsentimental old geeser. I loved the rest of it, though.
Very good storytelling! I like the interaction between the man and woman! Very good. You were right on topic! Keep on writing! Keep on improving your skills -- you have great potential!
Good descriptions of the characters. Nice job. :)
Very good with some very creative lines. You hit the topic right on. For Red Ink, everything seemed fine, a few speed bumps, but what lacked, was some passion. It's hard to explain, but I'll try, you told a very good story, but didn't sell it. That comes with time and practice and developing a confidence in your writing voice. I was very impressed with what I read and I suspect you will be moving on up soon. You have great talent. God bless.
I love this - I'm glad Estelle didn't fall for the glitter, and I especially loved her man's support as she chased a dream.

Red and Black Ink: try to avoid cliches like "The room was a buzz of activity", but the follow-up - "as everyone swarmed the list" was clever.

I can see you improving - keep working as hard as you did on this story, and you'll only get better. :) Cat
You packed a lot of Estelle's process into 750 words and I think you did a great job. I loved your opening paragraphs - you have a natural easy flow to your writing that makes it enjoyable to read. Definitely keep going!!
I echo the 'natural and easy' flow of this story - fun read :)
I've often wondered how "fun" it could actually be to go through that kind of emotional roller coaster, too. Good characterization!
Your characters were believable and the dialogue wasn't artificial. I see a really, really good writer!here! You will move up quickly!
I liked this love story with the happy ending. Liked the "blah blah..." part that was all she could hear. Nice touches throughout - the trembling finger, text messaging thumbs, Buck's concern. I could see the characters and cared for them.
You did an excellent job of putting us right in the middle of all Estelle was going through. I felt like I really knew what it was like for her.
Perfect title for your story that hit the topic right on, glas she learned early. Keep up the good words.
Ah, what a story! I'm so glad for Buck, he was great and so supportive her, amazing! Your title fit this just perfectly and I'm glad that she found the real dream she was looking for! ^_^
Ah, this reminds me of the agony of being prepared for dance recitals when I was little, which is probably why I resist conforming to this day.
Buck was terrific!
A dream realized twice. Once to try out the other to end up in the arms of Buck.
Nice job of story telling with a good message.
"I think the whiney Country singer should go. Hes not diverse enough and his whiney-nasal sound grates like finger nails on a chalk board."

My thoughts on both kinds of music (Country & Western -Blues Brothers). This was well written and neatly turned around. There is nothing glamorous about writing of course. ;)