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Very good writing. I actually feel sorry for this fictional man! Good job staying on topic! Keep on writing!
I don't think you'll be in beginners very long.. this was really well done! Excellent writing.
Superb, and I like that you didn't wrap it all up prettily at the end.
Excellent! I'm having a hard time believing that you're a beginner. Your words are very descriptive and I felt the man's unhappiness. I would sugest that you separate your dialog next time. There should be a space between each line of speech. Other than that, this was perfect. See you in level 2.
Good writing ~ you were able to express this brief moment very well. I could feel those next 15 months looming... Will he make it?!?
Very good. As I read it through, I saw a couple tiny things like a missed comma or something, but when I finished, I forgot where they were. Which means the story took over and the "editor" got lost in it and the red pen dangled useless in her hand.
Great job. You really pulled me into the thoughts of this man - and to think, his 2 years is just beginning. Great descriptive writing. Nothing red inky jumped out at me at all.
Very intense. You really captured the emotions of the MC, and made me feel with him. You nailed the topic, too. :) Cat
Perfect for the topic and good, descriptive writing. I fully engaged in the life of this MC as you put me right into his thoughts.