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(smile) Interesting form!
I'm puzzling over the title. I usually connect "creche" with a nativity scene. What does it mean here?
The word "Bible" should be capitalized to show its importance.
Good job...keep writing.
I think that it is a great analogy that you are showing the meaning of the theme in the play, and also use it in the larger picture with the amateur camera person and cast. Good job!

Very interesting way of getting the topic across with 'baby Tim' wanting to read the Bible in Greek and be a leader because menial tasks were beneath him.

LOL sort of reminded me of a "Rug Rats" episode with Angelica and the "babies".


Aha! This is very good. I liked the way you set this up like a play/movie set, I wanted to keep reading because the characters were fun and the dialouge was even better! You nailed the topic-great writing! ^_^
Great job illustrating the topic on a duel level. There are a few inconsistancies in the script, but I think this adds to the filmmaker's inexperience.
Ha! Love Tim's "report card"! This is clever and once I knew what you meant by creche, I understood more about what you were going after and I think it worked fine! The characters are lively and I like the aside references to getting the "adults" to help with the film-making end of the project.