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Wow, how easy it is to forget these kinds of things really happen- alot. I doubt most end so well. This is heart wrenching even so..yes, young people, take the time to be young. In fact, it's never too late to take the time to be young
Powerful and a good reminder to teach our children to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. God bless you - keep up the great writing!
Powerful message in this piece and very well written.
Wow! What a message for young people!
Good descriptions and dialogue. You ought to send this to a teen magazine.
Great job...keep writing.
Very well written story. It's very frightening that things like this actually happen in the world. I'm so thankful my daughter is only five...great work.
Very realistic dialogue and extremely well-written. I pray this will be a message to many...
Wow. Very powerful. This is a good message to get out to all the young teenagers. The Internet can be a great place to meet people (like on this website), but it can also be very dangerous. Great writing!
Our children are so vulnerable to dangers they can't even imagine. You did very well showing the girl's thoughts and emotions, and the motivations behind her actions. Keep up the good work!
Great message written in a captivating story. We were thinking along the same lines this week. I like your hopeful ending.
Powerful, heart-wrenching story. Wow.
You definitely captured it here. The title(Love your title!) and the story follows with chilling realization, the dialouge was right on for the teen girl. Good job here. ^_^
Awesomely convicting. The opening paragraph was a great - made me keep reading. The lesson so important. Too bad most kids believe it could never happen to them. I remember having similar conversations with my daughter through her teen years and you gave me chills thinking about what could have been. Great job.
Chilling descriptions of the horrible things that can happen from Internet connections. Teens often think they know more than they do-part of their charm and their trouble!