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I really enjoyed your story. It is true to the topic and delightful to read. What a great dad. Haven't we all experienced this in our own young lives. You made me smile. Thanks. I look forward to more of your stories.
How wonderful! This made me laugh. It's a lovely story of how a simple situation can turn out upside down. Poor child. But still a lot of fun to read.
This reminded me of all the many silly mistakes that I have made. It's good that she had an understanding father. Nice story!
Crazy! I had a pressure blow the top and had a pea soup mess like this!
It might have helped to give us an idea of the girl's age.
Good job...keep writing.
This is a delightful read and love the touches of humor. I too, would like to know the MC's age. Excellent example on topic.
A lesson with smiles. Good job.
Awesome example of the topic. I agree with the comment above that I would have LOVED to know the age of the little chef. Your title is so creative, too!
Great application of the proverb in an enjoyable read. Well done!
Aw! What a tender father-daughter moment! I could identify with this darling little girl who wanted to surprise her dad with a good dinner-the tub/tab was hilarious! Good job. ^_^
Fabulous! I really enjoyed reading this tender little dad/ daughter story. What I like is the conversations (very natural), the characterizations, and the setting descriptions (enough details to fill me in without a lot of text). Great story and right on topic!
That was most amusing - accidentally recreating a popular science experiment rather than dinner! And so great to see another Aussie writer frequenting the Writing Challenge.