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What an interesting form to present a story.

[email protected]
What a unique format!
It told so much with so few words.
Great writing.
This is really great! I like the way you put one email in italics and the other in regular font. That made it easy to follow. Great creativity here....
Interesting format...this was very creative! This was very easy to read as well. I liked it!
Very cute, original idea. I love the relationship between the mom and both her daughters.

Not sure how it fits with the proverb?

Cool how they both had the same great news at the end.
Like the format too and that you managed to get a lot of story into the emails. You don't even want to know how old this new mom is. ;-D LOL

I didn't quite get the proverb tie in either. I think there's a new message strand on the boards if you want to fill us in.
Love the way the e-mails told the story of this loving family.
Very creative, very touching. This story within emails made me tear up. I'm not really seeing the proverb, but I love your article.
I just re-read this entry. I can see how the mother is giving up the "two birds in the hand" of keeping her job with all the perks of retirement to care for her "baby bird in the hand." That must have been a difficult decision, because she lost all of that security. It does illustrate one aspect of the topic if you see the first email carefully.
Lovely story, Julie. I read your explanation in the thread, and I see your message. Your characters are nicely developed-I can almost see them exchanging their heartfelt emails. I love the ending!
Very enjoyable.
I do like subtle, and even noticed the topic in the first message, but had completely forgotten it as I was caught up in the rest of the story.
I really liked how your story progressed with the emails. Your title is good. I enjoyed your creativity on this.