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Very clever fun story!
Mockingbird 1, Ugfug 0
Ha, Ha, Funny!
I loved the line..."taunted the whatever-it-meant bird"
Great writing!
Cute fable. LOVE the title and the ending. Extremely well-written piece.
Marvelous storytelling. It even leads to a new saying: "You can't believe everything a bird in the hand tells you."
What an hilarious story! My only comment would be for Ugfug's thinking style to match his spoken ability (or lack there of..)
Well done.
LOL Well written and very funny. I love the title and your sense of humour.

This is exactly what I would expect a mockingbird to do in this situation. Funny story all the way through. Arrrrggggg!
How precious! Except for a few typos and punctuation, nothing to red ink! This is great writing!
This is hilarious, and awesomely written. I'm a little bit worried that it might be considered a "literal example" of the proverb, though. Love the pun in the title, and the name "Ugfug". Witty and charming!
What a hoot! Love the translation of Mate's Urrgg, and then hitting him with the club. Many smiles throughout. A great, new-fashioned fable.
This creative piece was a lot of fun.
I like how you were attentive to detail, and mentioned both the pouch of nuts and the rocks which would appear in the story later.
ROFL! This was hilarious, I had to laugh all the way through this, lots of fun, and of course, that wonderful phrase...AAAARRRGGHH!

***Congrats on your placing!***
WOW! This is a classic! On the surface very funny/clever, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to lots more from you.
I love these guys and what a great title, so glad this one placed, maybe your new one will advance to as well.