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This is a good, well written story but seems off topic.
This would make a good novel or short story. You left me wanting to know more (a good thing). I think you were right on topic. The reporter didn't have all the evidence, but what he had in his hand was worth more than the risk to find the rest. Except for needing a tad more 'white space' and a couple of teensy tweaking places, this was very well done. Looking forward to seeing you move up the ladder! :0)
This piece has just enough intrigue to keep me wondering. It's well written, too. Kudos.
A Mystery!
This could easily be expanded into a longer story.
Keep writing
This would be great expanded into a larger story. Except for a few awkward sentences, the writing was very well done. I had to go back again to catch the way you fit the topic into your story, but I see it now. Very well done! Keep writing!
Great title and good use of topic. I'd like to see more of Richard, sounds like a great guy. Keep ou the good words.
I liked your story much, much more than your vague hint. (This is the only one I could find where something connected with the title could get me wet.)
I loved the suspense, and definitely want to read more of this story!
Bonus points for the clever title. I like the suspense and feel of this. Made me want to know what would happen next.
Great work on this...I would have liked more at the end (yes...the 750 work limit:) ), but you gave us a snipet of a bigger story and illustrated the topic with this. I like what you've done!
Wow-intrigue, mystery, and danger! This is a good take on the topic. I was very much involved in the action and wish I could read a whole book with this main character in it.