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Nice Bible study--I love reading Psalms.

I'd encourage you to find a strong "hook" to draw readers in, and to have a clearer connection to the topic of the week. I had a hard time finding that here.

I like the title--not many people use the word "anguish" any more, but many of us have certainly been there.
So what you are saying is that releasing our anguish makes our life easier, those are the "stitches".I really enjoyed this lesson.
Yes, trusting in God can help us through some difficult times.
Although I love when Scripture is quoted, I would have enjoyed more of your words to explain what you learned from these verses.
Keep writing.
Well-written devo that keeps the Word at the center. I do agree that a personal connection would make it even stronger, but keep at it!
Thank you for this reminder. I do agree with the other critiques, but I enjoyed this study on being released - something I can use. :)
The three sections could be expanded...into a 3 act play!
You weren't aiming for a devotional, but I think you did pretty good! I liked how you focused on King David and more than just the 'traditional psalms'. This was an interesting read, thanks! ^_^
I, too, see this as a devotional. I think it would be great as a
Sunday School study, actually. Nicely done.
Very thoughtful, and prayful I'm sure, application of the proverb. Good weaving of the scriptures. I, too, see this as fitting a devotional.
Excellent message. You have good advice above - this IS a good devotion.
I'm a lover of the Psalms, and you made this one come alive for me.
I read this as a devotional and would like to see more of your thoughts and insights written with your personal, creative talents guiding you.
This is a good devotional. Maybe you could look at what unreleased anguish could lead to. You have plenty of words left.
Julie, your entry is a good look at this subject. You've made me think of how hard it is to release the anguish sometimes. I'd also enjoy reading more of your own personal thoughts about this-I think you could show a great insight into this topic.
Sometimes we forget that the Bible characters were actually real people. The older I get the more I treasure the Psalms. Thankyou for this.