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Great story.
Spacing between each paragraph makes it easier for the reader.
Well written. If only we would listen to those who love us and want the best for us! You captured the topic well.
Superb job with the parallel of the sunburn and the burned relationship! Very good use of repetition for effect, too. This is good writing. Master the tricky formatting (an extra "enter" between paragraphs) and you'll pick up even more readers. You're a Beginner to keep an eye on!
I really like this - the double meaning of "burned" is great. Sometimes we are so stubborn it takes getting burned to make us grasp the important truth. Great job!!
Well done! Good use of dialogue and repetition.
It will help the reader if you put an extra space between paragraphs.
Good job...keep writing
Congratulations! This was my favorite in beginner. I loved the double physical/emotional metaphor.
Congratulations! Great article.
It flowed well and the message was perfect. The repetition was well incorporated.
Keep writing for Him!
Loved this very much, great writing.
Good article. Nice finish.
Congrats on 1st place in beginners! Well deserved. :)
Great read! You could really feel Tess's pain and regret for making the wrong choices... "It's only".

Excellent handling of the topic.

Very well written indeed and worthy of 1st place.

Excellent writing! It had me captive throughout!

Keep serving Him!
Congratulations on first place in beginners, Dusti. Just FYI, your entry also placed 25th overall. Great job!
I was a judge for this topic and when I read this I was blown away. I wondered whether you had posted it in the wrong level! You are definitely not a beginner!

Congratulations on your well-deserved win; and it won't be long before we see you in the Masters.
First place on your very first entry-commendable! Congrats and enjoy the ride. Keep submitting.
Wonderful article. The repetition is so powerful. Congratulations. We've probably all known someone who headed down the wrong path in spite of all we could do to stop them.
Very good article. Well written and keeps the reader interested. Nice flow.