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This is just doggone precious. At first I thought the dishes or the windows would be the 'stitch' but I like the way it worked out.
Dot is a supurb comic character. Keep having fun with her.
This was fun! Dot was very well done! :)
(SMILE!) Good descriptions! I could just see Dot and her house! I was surprised that she actually did get some gardenting done!
Good job! Keep writing.
Good descriptions and solid story flow. Overall very clean writing. Move up to level 2 whenever you're ready.
I loved the MC's ongoing dialogue with herself, and I loved the voice. Very entertaining and the message came through loud and clear.
Dagnabbit, this is good! :) I thought I was the only one who used that expression. Great characterization, great descriptions. A few tiny punctuation slips is the only thing I see to critique in the thoroughly enjoyable piece. Love the ending.
Very good! I enjoyed your MC very much! Except for a few punctuation errors, I can't see anything to red ink! Keep up the good work!
LOL That was priceless!

I think Dot and I would get along just fine. She could do my gardening and I'd mend her screen door.

If you get the chance, write some more Dotty stories :)
This was WONDERFUL and if I went to the right place from the hint - then I'd say all your worrying is for NOTHING! You have shown superb writing ability. You are a GREAT story teller. I loved this character! I haven't read many from this level yet but I would venture to say you will be right up there. Great job!
What a delightful story to read!
I believe you'll be moving out of "beginners" very soon. This is a delightful story. Your descriptions are superb.
Oh how special. I enjoyed reading this so much. Your character is intriquing and I would love to garden with her. :) Great writing.
Congrats on creating a truly memorable character! Dot is such a darling, I felt like I was her shadow following her about the place and realizing that I tend to forget the lightbulb that blew a few weeks ago until I need to get in the shed to get something...and then the story repeats itself. I liked how she took things as she went, finding the muffin containers, etc. Great job! ^_^
Ma and Pa move over and meet Dot! What a great story teller you are and delivering a good on target message to boot. I can't see you at this level for long. Great job.
What fun! I loved the coffee drinking description and her toothless grin. :) I'd love to meet this lady. Great writing!
Yup; once again, this was a great piece of writing. It might have placed if the lesson learned was something bigger than a screen door lying on the ground. The other thing is that the judges are different each week, so while one set of judges might go for a literary style, the next week's might prefer poetry, so the best you can do is simply write what makes you smile and hope that you get lucky to have judges who like what you like. I agree that you should be in Intermediate, but I understand too the desire to at least be placed here, so stay where you are and don't you dare stop writing!!