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LoL--I have a whole collection of unmatched socks! (and I don't venture under kid's bed unless I have to, either!) I was a little confused by Mum--but it seemed like maybe I was supposed to be. ;) Thanks for the chuckle. :)
I've got a new phrase to use!
"It's done a bunk!"
I like it!
It would help the reader if you put an extra space between paragraphs.
Keep writing.
Witty and clever--work on formatting, definitely, but this is quite a strong entry.

FYI--It's Marquis de Sade.

I have about a dozen renegade socks in a basket right now.
The age old question -- where does the other sock go? Funny take on a confusing life problem:)
Nice job - great characterization and use of humor. I love the line about socks being ambidextrous.
A very delightful read indeed. I have a basket full of socks waiting for their matches to suddenly appear. They show up in odd places at times, like clinging to the bottom of sheets or inside sweaters! I guess I need to change my laundry habits and maybe more pairs would not come up missing! Love your story. Did see some punction issues, but overall, excellent job.
Great story that IIIIIIIIIII can certainly relate to......this has universal appeal!
LOL... I couldn't help but smile at this one...

One thought: the dialouge could use a little more cleanup to make it easier to read.
Keep writing, there is a lot of good material here.
Congratulations, Lynne, on placing 14th in level 1 with this entry. Great job!