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Very good story. I really enjoyed reading this. A great message, told in a very creative way. Really good job with the topic.
Great story and well written. I work in a college town as a cop and I see many kids just like Leah!

God bless
Very good! A great story, and good writing skills, too. I love the ending, and am glad Leah finally WANTS to go to church. Well done! :) Cat
This was good. I like how you slowly revealed details about Leah throughout the story.

"She decided to check the womens restroom out first. You can tell a lot about a church by the way the womens restroom is decorated." Oh - this made me laugh.
Good job!! Interesting story. You might want to try to include some dialogue to break it up abit and make it more show than tell, but other wise VERY good!!! :))
Oooh, good one! I liked this one a lot!

My only pickiness--in the first paragraph, your numerals should be written out as words.

Other than that, it's good to go! Share this with your teen leader.
Well done!
I liked her evaluation of herself in the mirror.
Perhaps you could have added a little interaction with the ladies at the church.
Good writing.
Congratulations, Marita, for placing 8th in your level. Great job!
I liked this a whole lot, but the editor in me sees a need to remain consistent in the capitalizations, use bold vs. caps, and improve some of the transitions between paragraphs. Okay, that was a lot of picky, but very small and easy fixes that will help this stand out more as a great piece of writing as well as a great piece of concept/thought.
This is a modern day prodigal son story. I love it. Very well written!