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I like it, and I share your feelings completly about "small. home groups."

I personally would drop the last line, it's ok, but not needed.

Welcome to FW...
I liked the last line. I get why you put it there. It ties into the beginning.
Great title, darling beginning and great message. Good job!
Oh I like this! The little phrase reptitition, 'There's no place like home' is great! It sends a good message out and then you tie it all in with the rest of the article. Good job!
Very nice essay - good message! I like the ending with or without the last line.
This is a very good devotional writing.
I like it! What a good argument for home groups. As far as the last line: It's good with or without it. *grin* If nothing else this might be a good reminder to always 'weigh' the last lines of whatever it is your writing --they carry a lot of weight. *wink*
I love it -- including the last line...because it refers back to the beginning, and ties the narrative up into a nice package! Home is my Sanctuary. Thanks for the gift of sharing your throughts of home with us!
I like how you carried the 'spark and light' theme through the whole devotional, and yes- I like the last line :)
Well-done devotional, with a casual, readable voice.

I vote for losing the last line, but maybe adding one more "There's no place like home" followed by an ellipsis, to evoke the iconic image of Dorothy in her ruby slippers.