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Witty. I loved this!
Good job...great idea...each member of the "body" has a've shown that we are all important parts of "one body." Even the "big toe" is important in helping us to stand up...
Interesting point of view! Probably a lot of pastor's would like this insight of their congregation.
I really enjoyed reading this witty but powerful message. Oh, one exclamation mark per essay is usually one too many.
Very, very creative--I'd only suggest that you trust your strong word choices to convey feeling, rather than exclamation points. This is one of my favorites this week.
Creative and insightful. Some of the greatest servants are often overlooked because they don't toot their own horn. But God does not forget.
Wow - very, VERY powerful. A neat take on the topic, fabulous voice, and just a delight to read. Love this.
This is really good - not only very well written, but a great message. Loved it!
This one gave me some goosebumps. WOW! I've never quite thought of it this way. I liked this POV and especially the end. This was so real. Great writing!
Awesome. Fun. True. 'Nuff said.
Incredibly creative. It had a powerful effect on me.
Wonderful. Engaging, well written and full of truth. Great job!
So true; the quiet ones are often over-looked in the church. What would our congregations look like if our pastors actually put to use those Personality and Service Surveys they hand out every now and then? (; Good reminders in this entry.
Wow! You covered so many gifts in just a few words. Very unique piece, loved it.
Powerful; gripping. I loved it.
I agree, this gave me goosebumps and it IS very creative. Well done!
This is way too good for beginners. Your creativity and writing skills bring a powerful message.
I came here flashing my Red Pen, ready to strike, and it all but falls from my fingers. I can only see one place that might be confusing to the reader although it is explained in following sentences. It's these sentences ... "They were in the service waiting for orders to be carried out in the spiritual warfare. They waited but they never got sent out to perform our words!" Maybe if you used the word, 'their' for 'our' or added a few more words to clarify that it was the people attending who were not speaking. Then the following sentences would affirm this.

BUT that is a nick-pick at best and all I can do on this. This story is some awesome teaching.

Requested Red Pen Comments:

First of all, this is great! (Yes, I know I used an exclamation mark.) Don't feel bad about the exclamation marks. That's one of the first things I learned after joining faithwriters. You'll soon see what they mean (if you don't already.)

I'm NOT the grammar guru, but the capitilazation seemed inconsistent here: "Gift of Wisdom AND healing."

This was really an easy-to-read charming and witty entry. I loved the "I'" ending. Very fun. Great job. I predict you won't be in beginners for long.
Red pen comment.
Great opening, you hooked me. Your story was good, I loved the concept and you really ministed to me.
A few lil critiques would be the paragraphs seemed a lil long to me. The pace of the story was a lil inconsistant. And at times you were a little wordy. But, these are just minor. YOu have the hardest parts down pat, you can communicate the message the Lord gives you. It takes time to develope our writing voice, making proper word choices that fit the flow of the story and keeping the reader propelled to the end of your story. Keep working. I'll be looking forwar to more work from you. God bless.
Congratulations on your 2nd place. Quite an interesting take on the topic, and makes very good observations. Keep up the great work.