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There's a lot of poetry in this week's challenge. You almost have a modern "Paradise Lost" with your poem. And believe me... that ain't a bad thing, Christian!
Your talent shines in this poem! I sense a winner here and predict you are not long for level 1.
The structure of this is excellent - rhyme and meter seem to be perfect. You definitely kept me engaged throughout. Enjoyed this very much.
Excellent! I appreciate your use of internal rhyme and the structure of this lovely poem.
Simply beautiful. This is my favorite stanza:
The signs that lead, are clear to read,
For many on the road,
But some are blind, and others find
The signs seem scrawled in code.
I love this journey through faith and the reward at the end. I also like the gifts that are used along the way as each traveler uses the gift given to help another traveler. Very nice!
Great poem. You've captured the diversity of pilgrims, traveling the road. Loved it.
A poem! Well written! I like the way you described the different types of travelers and those that helped in their own way.
I love this poem. It is well written, meaningful, touching and presents a great message. Very well done! (As others have mentioned I have a feeling you will be changing levels very soon!)
Very impressed. Great job. Anointed, entertaining and ministered its point expertly. God bless.
This is a wonderful, encouraging poem. Thanks for sharing.
This is beautiful, but especially after getting to know you a little ... I love this part

Some slow their stride to walk beside The ones who struggle much,And let God use, as He would choose, Their hands to be His touch.

They sense distress, seek spots to rest,Encouraging the weak. Ahead they look, across the brook,The safest footing seek.
I only hope many will find the Narrow Way, and I'm sure God will use you to help them find it!