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This is beautifully written! I love your descriptions of the church and your time as a child there. Great work on this! You're a good writer!!
You did a wonderful job in writing the description of your early church days. I could hear the snap of your mother's fingers:) Thank you for sharing!
Wow! Great writing! Thanks for sharing this with us.
I love this. This is well written, and a great story from a PK. I really like the way you describe the whole church. I could picture everything.

This is my favorite line: "That way, the preacher could glare equally at both sides of the aisle." It's especially good knowing it's being written by the preacher's kid.

Good job with the topic.
A negative comment doesn't even come to mind. This was superb. Excellent story telling, message, visuals, props, characterization and anointing. I liked it, sincerely!
God bless.
Great characterization!

A few things stood out, but I'm not sure if they were intentional "errors" because of the narrator's voice, or unintentional errors--"Me and my brother" should be "My brother and I", and "stain glass" should be "stained glass."

Regardless--your writer's voice is compelling, and this was a very good read.
I don't believe you'll linger in "beginners." This is so well written. As a pk, I was right there with you, and, like you, I have my own precious story of memories.
WOW! This is a beginning entry? Excellent, excellent writing here.
This is simply great! It gave me chills, your narrative style is compelling and hypnotic and the punch at the end was perfect in every way. Looking forward to more of your work!
This is a great entry. I'm surprised to see it in beginners. Great writing!
Yep! You nailed this topic! It's beautiful and descriptive. When you talk about your Dad, I envision the great preacher, Peter Marshall. I absolutely love your entry. There are so many wonderful sentences in this piece, I can't begin to choose the ones I like the best. Polish this up, as Jan suggested, and you'll have a top notch, first rate article! Very, very nice.
I know I commented already, but I just re-read it an have another. Did you ever read a line where you said, "Man, I wished I would have wrote that"?
Well, your line "...standing within the pulpit's embrace.", Was/is classic. That would be a great title as well, The Pulpit's Embrace. You should file it away and use it someday.
Great writing. God bless.
This is really good Temple, a powerful and poignant read. I'm looking forward to more of your stories. God bless!