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Refreshing and to the point. My favorite so far.
Super tie-in from the opening to the finish with the same phrase of "come and see if you think it's the same". Really good attack on this topic.
Very nice!

I especially liked that Margaret and Opal's class wasn't just a social club. It equiped them for SERVICE.

I felt like I knew the ladies in the story. I loved visiting the new class through Opal's eyes. Good job.
I liked the fact that your character came full circle--from invited to invitee.

I don't think you need the *** between most sections. Since there is not a great deal of time that passes between those sections, a simple transitional phrase would do, and will be less distracting for your reader. Your writing is definitely up to the task of informing your reader when there's a slight change of scene.

Very nice entry.
Just excellent, and I love you Opal passed on what she had experienced just as Margaret had passed it on to her.
Your title is just GREAT! And I love your ending--the way it moves down to simplicity after building the content in the middle. WONderful piece! It could be in a "class" by another name than "beginners."
This was wonderful piece. It flowed nicely and the suggestion of the cycle continuing at the end was perfect. Good job!
Good title, wonderful ending. This held my attention throughout. Very nicely done.
I like how you really showed the difference between just a "rote" Sunday School class and a worshipful, caring Sunday School class.
This is really good. I have been in both types of "Sunday schools", and you nailed it perfectly. I especially like the part about the sermon at the MC's original church -- it made me chuckle because that's what I grew up in.

This is a very strong beginner's entry -- my favorite so far. Nice job.