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This is a debate played out in many churches. You presented the story well. Consider tightening up the beginning so the story flows smoothly to the actual "conflict".
Really good story here! To improve overall I suggest, humbly, that you have someone proofread for spelling: about what as going -1st paragrah, 2nd sentence. as should be was
drowned--drop the ed, should be drown
Good writing! I can almost feel the conflict of the father and his struggle to make sense of another baptism. Please be assured that my pointing out the spelling is only to help, not to embarrass! I find it's always best to take some time to let my piece sit and re read several times before posting. Webster's has a dictionary toolbar one can download to check spelling. Some word processors also have them. Blessings on your writing.
This was me....leaving a Presbyterian church to the Baptist church after being truly saved from a retreat I went on with the Baptist youth. I can relate to the struggle of what to do in baptism. This was a nice family story.
Stuff to ponder here. Thanks for sharing, your writing is blessed.