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I see what you were trying to share here. It makes you think but was a little difficult to stay with in reading.
The phrase "we choose only what tickles our ears" is very powerful.
Please let me be frank. Good concepts here but I was slightly turned off because I felt threatened. What I am learning in my writing, becasue I feel as strongly as you do, is I have to approach Christianity with caution. I need to throw them a bone so to speak. I liked your writing, it has great style, I would just suggest you slightly adjust the force with which you are sending it. Keep on writing for God, you have talent. God Bless your week.
I can definitely see that you have strong opinions. You expressed yourself clearly. Your Biblical research is detailed. I admit that I felt a bit taken aback by the force of the statement but you are entitled to your opinion and you did express it well. I look forward to reading more of your work
This is very true. However, I would like to see a little more of the author's view and a little less scripture. Scripture is fine, but is there to prove the author's view. But you have a good start here and a wonderful pov.