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VERY nice! Some beautifully crafted lines: "Calmness came over me like the sweet scent of roses in bloom." "His calm presence enveloped me with a peace that was not to be shattered; it was a peace borne of the Spirit." are among my favorites. When you talk about a doctor, tho, it should be spelled out - "Dr." is used with his name - Dr. Jones. Good job on the "Calm" topic! (This sounds like a true story - thanks for sharing God's work in you!)
Wow and double Wow. What a wonderful tribute not only to a love shared between two individuals, but the love God has for His children that trust Him. This story is so compeling and carries many great truths. Your writing is a tribute to God's faithfulness.
Wonderful word pictures! I was drawn in from the first sentence and involved throughout. Very good writing and topic match!
Oh, beautiful testimony! What a gift you gave your husband. The Lord was and is by your side and you wrote about this experience in a wonderful way. I'm very touched by your steadfast faith, and also, on a more personal note, I'm touched by your steadfast writing and perseverance in the Challenges. You're a wonderful example of steadfastness and grace at FW.
I assume this is a true account. As a reader, I was taken along on this miraculous journey of faith, trust and spiritual growth. Excellent job!
Wonderful descriptions. IS this true? What a gift - from you to him, and from Him to you!! Lovely.
Beautiful telling of this account in your life.

A family member who recently had a liver transplant calls that day his "3rd birthday".
YES!!!! I am doing a total and complete happy dance right now! Oh Pamela, this HC is completely deserved! I am so happy - can't you tell by all the exclamation points?!?! Well done, friend.
This is wonderful to see - your HC placement! It is well-deserved on such an outstanding piece of writing. Loren
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is an awesome story, and very good writing.
deserved win..

Love the love story...and it
just brought something
sweet to me today...thanks