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This is awesome! You definitely took me on a journey too. You detail and word choice were excellent. My favorite was "I flumped....and flipped...." Excellent writing and memorable message.
WOW! It's so awesome to "see" God is a refuge even in a busy place like an airport! Isn't it just wonderful we can rest beside those still waters no matter where we are?
This is incredible. Definitely not beginners. You captured me from the first sentence and kept me enthralled throughout. Very creative and good writing.
Congratulations! This was one of my favorites -- at any level. Great, great writing.
What a lovely picture of peace in the midst of grown-up chaos. Great writing! Congratulations!
Congratulations of first place, Level 1. The quality of your writing is far above the level. BTW you had to have been looking at a sleeping infant while writing the descriptive paragraph to make it so true to life.
Jack, this was an excellent piece - well composed, on topic, gramatically excellent, great hook at the beginning and practically wrapped up with a bow at the end. Very nice work!
As a judge this week, I was very impressed by your wonderful writing--way too good for beginners. Your entry was written flawlessly and exuded calm.
Jack, welcome to Faithwriters and congratulations on a fabuous piece. Oh for the faith of a child! Beautiful metaphor, exquisite ending--truly poetic. You modestly placed yourself in the Beginner category, but seminary training and years of sermon prep are showing here, I think! Greatly looking forward to more!
Congratulations, Jack. In addition to your first place in beginners, your entry has placed 21st overall. The Lists for the Top 15 in each Level and the Top 40 overall are available in the Weekly Results and Highest Rankings forum of our Faithwriters Message Boards.

You truly drew me into this story. All of the description choices and unique adjectives just blew me away. On a side note, you gave me GREAT insight into my husband's crazy life of corporate travel. Thank YOU!
I was completely spellbound. I was in the airport with you! Great story, you are no amateur.