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This is delightful! What a creative idea. You did a great job with the dialog. Children ARE the ones who really "get it," aren't they?
I was totally confused at first when you said "Uncle Jesus". Thought it was a typo and then the lightbulb clicked on. Very creative POV.
Oh, this one is precious! I love it when people tell familiar stories from a fresh POV. This is definitely at the top of my list for this level.
Nicely done! It helps us to make a closer connection with an ancient story (the greatest story ever told) through familiar loving feelings of a "Gramma" and an Uncle. Great spin!
I love the retelling of Bible stories in a modern voice, and this one is really good. Don't you just wish you could have seen that day for yourself? Thanks for giving us a glimpse! Wonderful.
Beautiful rendition of familiar details. I think you've done an amazing job. I love the grandmother/granddaughter relationship you show. You've kept the true identity of your characters secret till half-way through your story. Well done!
Well done. We must all work to move from "childish" to "child-like!" Thanks.
Very nicely written. I have to admitt I had to start the story over after the first "Uncle Jesus" because I was confused but then I hit myself in the head and realized where this was going. Great writing here, keep up the good work!
I thought it was "Uncle Jesus" in Spanish until the ending.
You definitely surprised me with this. This is charming, and fresh and a really nice read. Thanks for sharing.
Indeed a new way to spread the "Good News". Very creative and well written. I especailly like the way you are able to use dialogue to make your characters come alive. Keep up the great work!
Very creative. Well written. Good job!
Creative and fresh interesting viewpoint. Excellent!

I was one of the judges for this topic and I so badly wanted to comment, but couldn't until the results were published.

This was one of the most creative pieces I have ever seen in a retelling of a familiar story. Bravo - you certainly deserved your EC placing.
CongratuLATIONS, girlie! I loved hearing your reaction on the phone. This was really something special. Up to intermediate for you (after the break, of course!).
SO creative! Great job, great writing, great dialogue. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 3rd place win!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really, really good. So creative. Wow.
I too thought "Uncle Jesus" was a typo at first. Great surprise! I enjoyed this telling very much.
Very creative! I love the playful voice, almost like a fairy tale. The dialog is so real. Perfect title for this wonderful story. Congrats! and welcome to FW! :) Cat