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I really enjoyed reading this piece. With some polishing, I believe it would make a great devotional. Keep writing & ministering!!
I liked this. Some thought provoking ideas.
There is some really good material here and some sharp writing. Your writing is sharp enough you don't need the extra exclamation points, let your great writing speak for itself. Well done.
I enjoyed your writing very much. A good devotional. We have all run into intersections in our lives and this is a good way to help everyone think about things that have happened in their lives, and things that have made changes in their lives.
There's lots of powerful stuff here--I wanted to keep on reading!

I'm not sure how "on topic" it is, though.

I'd love to know more about your very early, forced marriage, and also about the scareed girl. Both of those would make very strong stories on their own merits.
Whoops, I meant "scarred".
I agree with the above statements. I think this is very out of the box thinking. A little choppy in it's flowing, but the isights and the way you approached the subject you wrote about was great. Keep up the inspired writing, you have much to tell the Christian world.
Extremely interesting writing. Surely Saul (Paul) was surprised when he was knocked off his horse, and blinded by the Lord he thought he was serving! I can't even imagine how surprised you were when your church decided you would marry the preacher's son or the shocking surprise of his abandonment! Yes, life's intersections come upon us and surprise us much too often.
Very good work!