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You express your point of view clearly and rationally. Very well done.
I really like how you connected BOLD with witnessing. Boldness for the've got an excellent example of being bold. And like your title mentions in todays day and age it's sad that being a Christian is politically incorrect.
Your article inspires one to go against the norm. Very well done.
Some good points to ponder here.

I think it would benefit from some more specific examples of political correctness or incorrectness, and how those influence witnessing.

The exhortation really hits home--I'm a timid sort. Thanks for sharing this!
All I can say is AMEN! Good thoughts to think about and well phrased. Could use a little expanding.
It's difficult to go against the flow, but we should be aware that there are always folks around us who need to hear the good news of the Gospel! hanks for the encouragement to step out and be bold for the Lord.
This is a very relevant message for today's time and you expressed it well. It's a question, I'm sure, all of us have asked ourselves from time to time.
Good message. We as Christians need to be bold regardless of the world's POV. I would like specific examples to make your message stand out. Perhaps a story of when you were BOLD and did something that was politically incorrect. Keep writing! Good job.
This is a good challenge for all of us who call ourselves "Christisn."