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I love how you framed this story with Jenna's current situation, putting the details in the middle. You did a bit of tense jumping (from present to past tense), but this was definitely a compelling read!
Jenna is BOLD for Christ. Good job on the topic. You are a strong writer. There is a good flow to your entry. I also liked how you framed the story.

A couple of nit picky things:
I think Bible should be capitalized. Also, I would have put Jenna's words in quotes like this:
"Oh, come on," said Jenna. "You’re not going to be one of those holy rollers now, are you?"

Nice job! Keep writing.
This story pulled me in emotionally... finding yourself left behind, family gone, holding onto Jesus unto the end to get back where you belong. Brought tears to my eyes. That doesn't happen often, so well done!

I also like the guillotine concept; our society thinks itself so "civilized" think one day we will be back to such barbaric practices. Thousands of years and we will have learned nothing.

Those left behind will be bold heroes of their time period just as those who were martyred before them. Amen!