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I'm so glad I read this! Right on, right on, the whole way through. You were bold in your statements and gave wonderful examples of how to be bold and WHY we owe it to our Lord.

I especially like the analogy of the backbone, in the body and in the Christian faith.

Make sure to use 'lose' instead of 'loose.' Otherwise, excellent writing and a superb message. I hope this does well! GREAT job, and good luck!
There are many areas the church has taken the easier road. Much has been said on this topic for several years. And much more needs to be said. Dig deeper. Write stronger.
I greatly appreciated your putting a voice to this common problem in our society. If every Christian took a bold stand for Christ, we would quickly shout down those who have lost their sense of decency. Your points are so well taken. Thanks for writing this.
The trivialization of evil is one of, if not the, greatest evil in our culture today. What would have made my grandmother blush rates scarcely a wink in our post-modern world. There is such a thing as casting our pearls before swine but I think most of probably err more on the side of timidity when we need to be more bold. Good essay and you covered the topic well.
Amen to that! Keep it coming.
I am sorry I did not get to see this before all was said and done but this is so deserving of first place. You speak for many with this and hit the issue right on the head. Our pastor calls this lukewarmness and I totally understood where you were coming from. Great writing!
Very good. Congrats on your placing.
Congrats on the WIN!!! This was my favorite piece of all the entries this week. My mom and I have been discussing for about a month how people need to stand up with boldness for what they believe, and your essay drove home many of the points that need to be made. I'm so glad you won. Great job!
Congratulations on your 1st place!
I believe the Spirit is working through you to strengthen your readers.
You touched on the most important point, we need to speak from a place of love if we are to honor God in the effort.
I'm so glad you clarified about speaking in love. As a young Christian, I was bold in an argumentative way, so I did not demonstrate His love appropriately. Thank God we are a work in progress. This article is very encouraging. Congratulations.