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Love your last line. Great advice here, and a wonderful job of walking us through your process. I'd try to make a point of avoiding exclamation marks as a rule, and use stronger words instead. A great read.
Great devotional. I love the spider reference. Good title too.
Good devotion, if you PM me I will tell you where to send it. Edit out the exclamation marks and the essay will be stronger. Definately belongs in puppy pen.
Wonderful, wonderful! I enjoyed reading your devotional very much. It's so important to model the love of the Lord to our children, yet it's hard to do when a million little hands and voices are grasping and calling for attention! You have a natural voice in your writing that's very appealing!
Most mothers fear their ability to be a good mother. You told that story gracefully.
Great job! I admire when writers can say something profound with only a few words, and for me you did that when you said how everything in the brain became mush when emotions were stretched. That rang so true for me! I feel your honesty in your writing, no pretension, and that's exactly what makes a great writer!
OUCH! This hurts! WAY too much foot-stepping here. LOL. You have a great writing future ahead of you. You definitely know how to define a point clearly and bring it full circle (to that last sentence about the spiders - ew). This is a gem. P.S. LOVE the title. :-)
From title to last sentence, you did a great job. I loved the "Mom of the week" idea. You have excellent reminders for parents here.
What a wonderful message you have given in us in this piece. Keep up the great work!
And what mom can't relate to this?
This was a nice devotional. I loved the last line. Well done.
You spoke to me just know. Not only with children do we see mirrors, but co-workers too! (But that's another story) Great writing and very insightful. Good Job!