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Great article! I can relate to Meg's confusion. It is difficult when you feel "you" are lost. The finding of yourself through God's love is very sweet indeed.
Wow! Some great writing here! You won't be in Beginners long! Good dialogue - good pace and very real emotions. A suggestions - watch the 'had' felt - would work with only felt. And the first line through me - I had to read it twice to figure out who was talking - as the next sentence seemed in total opposite to the mood of the sentence - might want to find a way to get that to flow into it better. Otherwise - it is perfect!!:)
Oops - I meant "threw" me -
Good job! What a way to learn a valuable lesson, huh?

I'd let you keep the "had", as it indicates a time removed from the immediate setting of the story. I think it belongs there.

Good crisp writing.
Well written! I'm sympathetic to your MC, and the writing is descriptive and clear. Good job!
Very good writing. Your article was interesting and kept my attention throughout. Since you asked for suggestions, maybe explain more of what makes her confused and go into the husband and wife relationship before the confusion started. Just for clarity that they truly care for each other and she is just having a bad time in her life.
I agree - you won't be on Beginners for long. Good story - keep writing.
I enjoy your style of storytelling. The story flows perfectly.
Very strong - excellent showing of emotions. I was also unclear on who was speaking in the first sentence. Regardless, this was very compelling.
This is a very well-told story. You captured you main character's "confused" and lost feelings perfectly.
Wow! Great writing, I did not see the accident coming. Very well descibing the feelings of the characters. Keep up the good writing.
Very well written. You drew me in and brought tears to my eyes as I felt your MC's pain.
Good ending with the twist. I was expecting her to change her mind and turn around and go home. The crash was unexpected. Good job, keep it up! ^_^
Great story. I loved this line especially: “Okay God, you have my attention…I’m still.” I could see the rueful expression on her face. The lesson taught here is an important one too — who we are has to be found in Him — anyone or anything else is pure confusion.
Amen Sister! Congratulations!
Well done and very powerful, quite thought provoking.
Life is so meaningful and filled with joy, if you learn how to appreciate people that cared and loved you so much, sometimes you forgotten their existence, and when you about to give up. U see the meaning of it,,and thats the story behind the article. Its fabulous and touched one's life.