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I love your title and the way it ties in with your powerful ending!

This is an honest, insightful piece of writing that I was blessed to read, as I have two kids at the same stage of life!

I think you really spoke wisdom with this statement: "The truth of the matter is, I just need to learn to get to know the woman she is becoming. I have to cross into the portal of adulthood with her, not stand outside continuing to look back at all the closed portals of childhood that I yearn to cling to so desperately..."

Great, great job! :)

Wow! Such honest emotions. I loved the narrative approach and the personal glimpse of this journey of mother and daughter. I liked to the growth and maturity the narrator exhibited as she leared to "accept" the way God has planned change in each of us. Great job!
This was well written. Powerful words and story told here. Mine was about letting go too but still in the teenage year:) You hit home with this mom!
I'm with you, dear--currently dealing with changes in my own life, and enjoying the Constant One and His grace. Be blessed.
I love the way you escorted us down a path that led to His love. Beautifully written!
Oh! you have captured so many emotions in this piece. I think every mother can relate. Excellent writing.
Oh, I can so relate to going through that portal into adulthood with her. It's much nicer over here, once you get through it. :) From this side, I really enjoyed this delightfully sad look at letting go, accepting change, and leaning on God, the Never Changing One. Love the title too. :)
Oh hon, how I can feel this one up to the brim of my sad hearft, can I!:0( I have a growing daughter who is 6 going on 13 often enough and two sons,who have been so close to me but now are 17 and 20 and too many times I felt the door shut when I have attempted to look in and share their feelings or just their days. (I am blessed to sometimes have them soften their hearts and and take teh time to open up to me and let me in, if even for a brief moment. How fast childhood flies hon and I can feel the pangs through this beautiful piece. Praise God our Heavenly Father is always here to share with us and hold us in His arms. He will always have time for us and let us in, the doorway of His heart.:0)
Being more on the "daughter" end of this piece right now, I can't relate quite yet to the mother's sadness...But it's definitely a good insight as to a mother's feelings about all this, and I'm glad to have read it.
The first two paragraphs are beautifully written and draw the reader into the sad story.
You illustrated a mother's hopes and dreams and fears for her daughter very well. I can certainly relate. This is well written, too.
I just love the honesty of this - you have a great way with words. Excellent.
I loved this Pamela! Having 3 grown daughters now, I went through it 3 times and still miss the good old days when I knew more about their day to day lives. You captured the grief of letting go, the empty nest, and a mother's heart. I am a few years ahead of you, and I promise you will see the day when you enjoy them in a brand new way.. and then GRANDKIDS!! Thanks for writing this.. I cry with you..