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Heehee! Poor guy! I love the comparisions at the end. This was fun, a little confusing in the beginning with the POV's. I wasn't sure who was who, going where for what, but you smoothed it out in the end. Good job.
I like the story. I like the Chuck's enthusiasm. (I actually think that my pastor would be pleased if someone tried to witness to him! (: )

There are a few technical errors, and a few parts are confusing.

I think Chuck's name changed from Charlie....

When Tod was taking a seat it seems like he sat down and got right back up. I don't know if that's what you meant.

I really appreciated the convincing international feeling. You must have travelled! Keep writing.

Witnessing to the pastor - I'm sure he loved it! Nice entry - thanks for the smile.
Funny! Poor Chuck; but at least he's enthusiastic. Good story. :)