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Love the way your MC's life was transformed - and the last line was just right. Enjoyed this very much!
Great message, and I liked the tie-in with grandma. Don't forget to use question marks whenever a question is asked, and watch for run-on sentences. Your overall story structure and organization is good. Keep writing!
Very nice story here! It had a believable main character and the ending was just right. :) If only we would all practice the glass-half-full way of viewing our lives.
Good job! I really liked the grandma's advice. :D
I love the ending, Trevas. Keep up the good work!
I love how you carried you character from defeat to victory with the imitation well and reminder of his saintly grandmother. The title was just right.
Nice job! I love his "change of heart" after meditating on his blessings. Great title, and I loved the ending. Only one thing bothered me - I got the impression his fiance was living with him. That might not go over well with a Christian publication. Could just be me, but something to think about. I truly enjoyed your story! Thanks for the blessing. :) Cat
Great writing with a good story of how others can be such a beneficial influence in our lives.
You make a very good point with your story. I think a lot of us get bogged down in immediate bad tidings and forget too easily about our overall blessings. We have to strive to remember the good, and give God the glory.

I do agree with Catrina about the fiance - but it can be easily clarified or fixed, or hey, left alone if you so choose.
A change of heart indeed! I like this. Your description of a day gone 'bad' sounded just like mine today. This was a great pick-me up. The ending was just perfect too. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!
Nice job. It was fun to watch him have an attitude change when he saw the well and was reminded of his grandmother's wise words. I enoyed this.