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I liked this story. It held my attention and was quite a surprise when I figured it out.
Great story and a creative idea. I was worried for the "girl" at the beginning.
I was drawn into the story and wanted to see how it ended. Yes, it was a surprise and I enjoyed it - alhtough I felt tears coming to my eyes. Near the top of the story, you use the word there for they're other than that I think you did a great job. Well written. :O)
Oh my! I can relate to this story because my Dad has Alzheimer's. He still remembers me, but I know he thinks we should all be younger! Good story and great conversation. One thing to watch out for: when you can substitute the words "you are" in the sentence, the spelling should be "you're". (Don't feel bad about the grammar; I have problems with commas, and I use spell-check for everything!) A really touching story!
So poignant. You portrayed her quite well.
This is very well written and I loved the twist at the end. You drew me in right from the beginning. Great Job!
This is an excellent piece of literature and it takes guts to leave stories like this one ends. Loved it. Great writing.
This is excellent storytelling. I was drawn in to the story immediately. Great job.
I enjoyed your story. The twist cloes to the end was great.
read it again for my own enjoyment and just needed to say again: Outstanding writing!
Julie, This is a very touchng story. Being a nurse, I can relate completely! There is a lot of unspoken emotion that accompanies this sort of peice. Thanks.
Julie, I certainly enjoyed this one. It was creative to say the least I can easily relate and the twist at the end was great. I hope that I some day develope the skill to tell a story so well. Gene Hudgens