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This is beautiful - poetry in prose. It ministered to my soul. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it.
Wonderful! I love your voice in this article, you have put your reader at peace with God beautifully. Some fave lines:
let your inner child run without fear through the shadows for He is with you
You are residing in the place you and God have created. What talent - I predict you'll be moving up soon.
A wonderfully written piece with well-crafted sentences and carefully selected words. The message is exactly what I needed right now.
This is truly beautiful, as well as inspirational.
Very Beautiful! What a wonderful description of the place we can be in with God. Peaceful. Calm. Restful. Great writing and really inspirational.
Lovely. I wanted to close my eyes and pray before I was even finished reading. Very well done.
Very poetic in the way it is written. The second person makes me believe this intended for a group setting, perhaps and older youth group. Good stuff.
You truly reminded me of what a beautiful opportunity we have to come into the Lord's presence, and painted a poetic picture in my mind.
God Bless,
I hope this does well! You captured the happy essence right here. Reading this, I know I CAN be happy! Excellent writing! ^_^
At first this sounded a little new age, but then you said:
"close your eyes in prayer. Knock on the door before you and He will answer. He stands in the garden waiting for you to come to Him. He will take all your pains and worries. He will provide safe harbor for your weary soul. Call upon the angels of grace to guide you when you cannot see for yourself to come into His presence."

And I said, "Yes!" Very peaceful and nice. Good job.
This is truly beautiful.
I know this is a week late, but I saw your article and was hoping it would place.. at least in the top 3... I loved it so much I use it before I do my Bible study.. Thanks for writing it I think we have kindred spirits..