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This is a good devotional. It gave me things to think about; thanks for sharing it!
personal testimony is always a blessing. Thnk you for writing it down and sharing it with us.
I really like these thoughts. "But God, I said, I am writing about being confident. Trust me, He said. Several years ago I learned that I must be confident in God by trusting him." I think you've gained a LOT of confidence in your GOD. Thanks for letting us read about your experience.
I see a great deal of potential in your writing because your choice of verses seem to idenntify a good, loving and strong heart. My suggestion would be to narrow down the verses to one or two and expand upon those in a personal way.
Share your heart as to what they mean. Keep writing and sharing this "first" devotional.
You have some very good thoughts here. Nice job.
You have some very good thoughts here. Nice job.
Yours is a beautiful testimony of God's power to change us.
Love your transparency on this! I am sure many of your readers can relate to this. Your honest, down-to-earth approach was great and I love the take-away. Good job. ^_^
Some good thoughts here--things we need to be reminded of.
Basically this is a pretty good devotional, however,the heavy use of second person leads me to believe this is more of a mini sermon or a tract.
Great thoughts - much to ponder. Thanks for writing!