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A good message, and you told it well. I did wonder if she 'came around' a little too quickly - she is grieving after all. Consider the possibility of offering just a tiny glimmer at the end rather than wrapping it all up neatly. Well done.
Janet's new relationship would never disappoint her. You told her story very well. Thanks!
The story flowed naturally, although the epithany was a little too sudden. Watch the pronoun reference issues and work on word order. By all means, try to eliminate exclamation marks. You're a good story teller, keep writing.
A very basic and so important truth told well. Her heartache is universal so the reader can easily identify with her feelings. Your showing your MC insights helps us all to understand where our confidence must rest. Nice job and keep writing!
This is very genuine. I felt like I was right there with your MC.
Well written. Your point is made with an appealing main character, and you gave her realistic thoughts.
The way you used her feelings and her journaling was great. It flowed smoothly and built on eachother. Good job!!
Oh, Pamela, I really liked this piece! :) Janet's journal entries had such an authentic ring to them, and her emotional stuggle was clearly expressed. I liked the reference to her confidence wilting as easily as spinach in a hot pan, and I liked the phrase, "She knew she was on the cusp of knowing." Congratulations on placing in the top 15 in your level with a #7! Good writing, friend! :)