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Double Wow. The dialect and pace was so great kept me into the story word by word. I see this one as a special puppy for sure.
This is a wonderful story--looks like a winner.
Wonderful story. Great characters and voice.
I too say "WOW"! That was excellent! I loved the use of language here! Took me back to my childhood too! Totally relatable! Great Work!
What a clever, unique story!!! You did an amazing job telling it!

At first I was afraid the boys would do what the dad warned them not to do. But then you shifted to a preacher and we wanted the boys to listen to him. VERY skillful! I loved it.

I remember Redball Jets!! I think I had some. :)
From your title to word # 748 this is outstanding. You created real characters, a real situation, period language and maintained them from start to finish. For me however the the best part is that you didn't fall into the temptation to create a magic ending. Salvation for most of us is a process. You gave us the first step in that process. A creative use of the theme as well. This tale is a winner, and that aint' flim flam.
Very, very good job! I liked the story and you told it well. Nice dialogue between the kids and you captured the time spot on. Creative way to share the gospel as well. Hope this one does well. God bless.
Easily read story, great content, well written, blessed in its' message, good reading, wonderfully done and blessed by the One who gave you the inspiration.
This is great. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The descriptions of the boys were vivid. I think the tie into the theme was super. Very Nice!
This is great. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The descriptions of the boys were vivid. I think the tie into the theme was super. Very Nice!
This is great. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The descriptions of the boys were vivid. I think the tie into the theme was super. Very Nice!
This is wonderful all the way from the story line to the dialect. Surely this will place, it simply holds too much heart and truth.
Fabulous story! Excellent writing! I'd read a whole series of books about Skeet and the boys.
Absolutely excellent - the dialogue, sense of place, action, were all wonderful. You'll be moving up soon, my friend!
I love how you were able to capture the "voice" of the boys. Great job.
This is absolutely wonderful! As someone who's written in an Appalachian dialect before, I know how hard it can be to do it without having it come off as heavy-handed; it flows amazingly well in this story. Great job! The only question I had (and it's truly a question because I have no idea what the answer is!) was about the time period. I got the impression it was taking place in the late 1930s or early 40s, but then I saw the fair rides and thought one of them was a more recent when WAS it supposed to take place? And when was that Tumbler invented (my favorite fair ride, btw)?
Oops...I meant the Scrambler (it's still my favorite even though I always forget the name, lol)!
Wonderful! A fun read with a great message--you can't beat that. The voice and dialect were wonderful!
Great story. The "voices" are terrific.
This is so well done. Very professional. I was afraid you'd lose the tone in the end because of the motion, and was thrilled when you kept it together. Entry is 'true-blue.'
I agree! Wonderful job! I too was concerned at first that it would be too hard for you to carry the dialect and tone through believably and consistently and also keep a good flow. You pulled it off though in such a delightful way! Loved it!
You made the characters come to life in the story. It was fun to read and excellent message. This is one of my favorite entries this week and hope it places.
Hurrah! Now you move up!
Way to go, Dee! 3rd place EC. I'm so happy for you.
CONGRATULATIONS, DEE! I am so happy for you. I knew your time was coming!
Congratulations on your win! This is a very good story. The language you use really helps me to see it.
I loved your story, and congratz on the win.
Great story. Very enjoyable. I too would read more about the adventures of these boys on their journey of faith.
Dee this is absolutely superb! Huge congrats on your win. I'm so-o-o-o happy for you! The Lord truly guided your pen with this wonderful story!
***Congrats Dee!*** This is great, glad I didn't miss it. ^_^
Congratulations on your EC. I love this take on the topic -- and a fun read, too. Your POV was endearing. Good job.
I knew you could do it! There's just too much talent to hide for too long. Keep up your wonderful work, it is a joy to read and see you progress. God's continued grace - Loren
Wow! You had such a fresh and captivating take on the topic. Confidence men! That's hilarious. Congratulations on your win and EC placement.
Congratulations Dee. This story is a real gem. I loved everything about it.
Great ending! Congrats on your 3rd place EC & 1st place Beginner's wins!
A beautiful and well written story. Very Touching. Thank you.
Congratulations, your writing gift shines bright through the characters and dialogue...great story!
Congratulations! Delightful and easy to read.
Good job! And congratulations! Too bad more Christians don't get involved in activities that seem apporpriate for the world only - like a fair booth. God bless and keep writing.
Ah jes' lerrrved the voice! Found myself drawlin' mah way through the whole story.
It sold me. Won't be long before we start calling you "Master Yoder."
Hey! I don't know how I missed this. Good job and Congrats! Liked the lingo.