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Your article is a challenge for teens to ask the Lord what He wants from them as they start their journey in life. Thanks for sharing your heart.
I love the last few sentences, and the challenge they pose. Society does need a wake up call. A well written essay.
There is some good advice for teens in here.

One idea: Perhaps if you shared a personal story or funny example to get your point across, it might keep a teen's interest even better. We want them to read your message!
Your entry is well-written and very well organized, emphasizing your main point at the end. Dialoguing with your audience (asking questions, etc.) might be another approach to making it even more teen friendly. Keep up the great writing. You are talented.
It's nice. It really has a good message to get out, but I didn't quite...connect. Add something to make it personal. Describe feelings. Teens need to hear this, help them relate to it. Good job though, just needs a tad more work. ^_^
This article holds some good advice for teens. Let's hope they get to read it.
I agree with the above comments. You have given it a lot of thought, and there's a lot of spiritual depth reflected in your message.
There are many creative ways to get the message across in an engaging way. Tell a story, give your testimony, write a skit perhaps?
May need to proofread it before you publish - but we're all guilty of that. :-|