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I liked this. I think teens would be able to identify with the guilt of going against their upbringing. Although I've never been to America, I've read most of Beverley Lewis's novels about the Amish. I think you did a good job in describing their "Rumspringen".
The other day at my church's Christian bookstore, I took home a free copy of a book that was an Amish romance, tender and sweet. It read just like this. This story is beautifully written. It captures that magic moment, a big decision that will change the course of many lives. Thank you for putting us right there. This story is an absolute winner with me. Now, when will the book be coming out?
Really liked this. Teens reading this would relate to these kids and thinking. Nice. Thanks.
Wow! This is wonderful. I live in Lancaster county and can easily see this as being taken from one of their teens' lives. Very well done
Wonderful job--my father used to own an apple orchard in Amish country, and he was great friends with several Amish families. This reminded me af many of the young Amish I met, and was great fun to read.
I really enjoyed this - I think it would appeal to a teen's interest in all things different. Great job creating the inner struggle Leah was going through. Great job!
I've read lots of books of Amish fiction, and I'd read yours in a minute! What a great job you did of telling a complete story, while giving just enough information for understanding in so few words.
Good Job/ Well written. Your title drew me to the story, your telling of it held me to the end. I learned some things I was unaware of. Thank you.
Great job. I so enjoyed this story. Great writing!
I'm reading Beverly Lewis's Amish series right now, and your story had the same authentic "feel" to it! Good dialogue, but maybe you could have explained what a "hochtzich" is. Very enjoyable, well-written read! :)
Dee, I haven't read all the entries in level 1,(not to take away from any of the others) but I think you've got an excellent chance of placing 1st. To the long list of favorable comments, I add another thumbs up!
You kept my attention from the title to the period at the end of the author's note! Excellent writing, and I'm sure many teens would be intrigued to read about this.
Ooohh I really enjoyed reading this...but I didn't want it to end!! Well done!!
This is very good. Some interesting points brought out here. I have lived around the Amish, but never really knew of this "sowing of wild oats". Very interesting to me, and I think to teens too.
I think this idea could be the base of a really good novel - a story of a young woman's journey through a season of rumspringen to a decision for faith.

Great writing, Dee!
Dee, I think you have a hidden talent here! You managed to make this little glimpse of Amish life interesting and teachable. I like the words you used like Rumspringen and how you smoothed things out in the end. It was an enjoyable read. I just wish there'd been room for more. Good job.
Aboslutely facinating! You informed and wrote in a way that made learning of the Amish way of life something that will stay with me for a life time. What can I say, other than this was great.
I had to look again to make sure I was in beginners. Great descriptions and explanations of the Amish customs without being dry or boring! I was fascinated, and drawn into the story.
Great story! Creative idea! I really liked it and could really feel the tension of the teen Amish life with the outside world, and also with the expectations of her parents. Very educational and interesting. plus great description and specifics. Thank you.
Dee, great job bringing a story of an Amish teen to life! I enjoyed this one!
I read a lot of Amish fiction, and my family is acquainted with Amish friends. When it comes to Amish fiction, the standard is quite high because readers demand authenticity. You keep this up and your name will be right up there with Beverly Lewis, and as it should be. This stands out to me, I loved it.
Well written and creative story. Great job.
I've learned something new from this. I'd often wanted to know a little more about Amish culture, and this was an interesting way of doing it.
I agree that dialog is often a more compelling way of conveying information than narration, but sometimes you have to do it this way. Well done.
I really enjoyed this insight into Amish life. You made the characters very real and easy to identify with. Thanks for sharing!