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This was facinating! I think kids would enjoy reading this and wonder if maybe, just maybe, telling lies had something to do with the money turning to dust.

VERY good story and written very well.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Wonderful message for kids.
Lovely story. Held my attention right through.
Interesting children's tale.
Great little message here!

Consider ending it one sentence earlier, with the dreams crumbling just like leaves. That's where the punch is.
Love the message you tucked inside this story! Good job!
That adventure took a lot of turns! You have a good imagination! Thanks!
Very imaginative story that children would probably love! I like the part at the dinner table, after the boys had harvested the money leaves, when Sam's mom scolded him saying that money doesn't grow on trees, and he nearly spit out his milk! :D Good lesson at the end, too!
Great lesson built into a lovely story. I think kids would really enjoy, and learn from, this one!
Nice story that teaches several important lessons. Great job.
A delightful little story. I had read it earlier and liked it and thought I had commented, but oops! My parents told me, I told my children, and they've told theirs, "Money doesn't grow on trees." How clever to make a story out of it and to include important lessons and a message with it.
Good job!
You've done a great job of story telling and I see this as full of potential to be expanded. What a good job you've done for sparking the imagination.
Great little tale with a message to boot. It kept my interest. Well done.
Hey, this is great! I really like it, you drew me right in and I'm sure children would be drawn in too. Good job!
How curious! A money vine! This was quite fun to read, especially the bit with "Money doesn't grow on trees". I liked this little 'mystery' good job.
Hurrah for placing!!! Well deserved!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended" for this cute story!!! :)
Dee, your story is fun, and I'm still scratching my head, wondering how it happened! Of course that's part of the fun. Terrific writing. Congratulations on your 'highly commended'!
Congratulations, Dee! A well-deserved recognition belongs to you for this creative story. Thank you, too, for your comment on my story. I appreciate your words.
I decided to read this to my kids and then STOPPED reading out loud right after they showed the money to Mom -- "WHAT HAPPENED?!" was the exclamation! Good story -- it held their imaginations and they laughed about what happened at the dinner table.