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Wait, gotta get a kleenex. Ok, now I can write. Really a good story, very tender. I liked the Scripture reference and the rosebush memorial. Blessings.
This is such a tender story and illustrates just how much children are affected by the loss of a loved one. The rose bush idea was a super suggestion. My Grandma always had a pink rose bush near the porch so this brought back memories.
Right on target for helping to explain the passing of loved ones to children. I lked the idea of the rose bush as a rememberence and your Biblical reference is a favorite of mine, too.
Good job!
This is a sweet story of loss and remembrance. I like the rosebush reminder. It is a great visual memorial that children can find comfort in. Good writing! :)
Good accounting of children being able to accept death. Many will need to read this.
This is great for grieving children!

I think the last paragraph is perhaps not necessary--leave with the pink blossoms reminding them of grammy.

This would be handy for those who counsel very young children.
Very sweet. It reminded me of conversations I had with my children when my grandmother died.
Precious story, now I need a tissue. Grammys are special, indeed. You brought back fond memories of mine!
Very sweet and warm and wonderful! Choked me up. My only suggestion is to give some sort of "reason", for lack of a better word, that she picked a rosebush. Did grammy always bring roses to them? Were they her favorite flower? Was her name Rose?
Again, this was so sweet and tender, and your voice was right on.
Love it! This is very touching anf would be very good I think too for children who need to grasp about death and their feelings of sadness. I really think that FW needs to send each of us a carton of kleenex though each month for all of the tears that so many of these lovely heart warming stories and poetry bring.:0) LOL. I agree with the last response that maybe somewhere put briefly what coonection in memory the rosebush will have with grandma. Other than this your story is WELL DONE! Sniff-(I have to go to the store with the sniffles and teary eyes.:0) ) Beautiful hon, just beautiful.God bless your gift.Janice
An excellent story to share with grieving children. I especially liked the character of the big brother.