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Love the title, and the timeliness of both "rescues."

Your girls spoke in very contemporary dialogue, so I was a bit disoriented when I discovered they were on the Titanic. Maybe re-set it on a modern cruise ship?

I also liked the fact that the first class girl had a friend in steerage. Nice touch.
I love the ending and the title. I would have liked a little hint in the beginning that they were on a boat. It was a nice surprise that they were on The Titanic. It seemed that they got the first life boat down and then seconds later the last boat was leaving. What happened in between these times? Very clever and I enjoyed it.
Neat story. :)

I didn't realize the girls were on a boat though, until late.
The timeline threw me a minute they figured out the ship was in trouble, and the next they were in the water!

Sounds like a portion of a good book! I'd like to know the girls' pasts and how they ended up being friends.
I like this very much. What thoughts were running through peoples' minds as others are dying around them? No pun intended - it sends shevers up my spine.

God bless and keep writing.