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Thank you for taking us along for the ride! It was a fun trip! :-) I enjoyed your story.
My favorite bit was "Ptomaine Joe's." Hilarious!

I think your blocks of dialogue should be separated out into their own individual paragraphs.

Adorable characters, and fun to read.
Iloved these two ladies and would like to see them in more adventures. They seemed so cute and fun. Thanks.
Absolute fun. Work on structuring dialog and this essay will go a long way.
I loved your ladies and their adventure.
I very much enjoyed this story. I was in the antique business for about a year so I can relate. Nowadays I am one of those customers who are always trying to get something for nothing!
It is important to separate the statements of different speakers with a space. I noticed a couple of missing quotation marks although they may have just been typos. Although this entry is written in the first person, I recommend avoiding contractions except in dialogue.
A very fun read. I enjoyed the visit with you.
A fun read! And it's somethiong most of us would love to do. Thanks for the ride. You did a good job on this!
Very good! I got a kick out of the Ptomaine Joe. Really fun. Would like to read more of these two gals. They remind me of my sister and I.
This was a cute story with wonderful characters in the two sisters! My favorite part was the description of the different people who came by their table: "We had the gamut of buyers that day; the lookers, the walking-encyclopedias, the my-
grandma-has-one-just-like-thats, and the collectors. We love the collectors. They scan
our booth with infrared eyes and zero in on their target in seconds. A collector never
squabbles over price; he hunts, bags his trophy, and carries it away." Good job! :)

Very interesting and a fun twist. I haven't seen anything along this line yet for this topic. I liked this adventure, simple, pure fun. I loved the part when they were bargaining between the top and bottom and ended up paying 60 dollars. My only note was at one point I think you switched POV's without meaning to, when we know it is Myrtle that is narrating and suddenly Mable seems to take over and tell her something. Otherwise, this was pretty neat.
Sounds like a fun time. A good vacation, I guess. But this is good writing. It flows well.