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Wow--your last sentence really threw me for a loop. Not sure I'm clear on what you're saying here...

Some punctuation problems--mostly missing commas and apostrophes--give this a choppy read.

You definitely know how to write an adventure, and the spiritual warfare is depicted well. It's just the implications of the last sentence that will make me think for a while...
A couple of small punct. errors, but Wow. wow, wow.
Very suspenseful story! You have a good descriptive style of writing that helps us really see the situation unfolding here. Your ending was so dramatic and surprising!
What a powerful peace with a great,tragic,heroic ending. Father Lewis is a hero. I enjoyed it.
Very descriptive! Good job. :D
Your story was gripping and held my attention. As other readers have pointed out there are some punctuation errors. The structure of a few of the sentences could be revised. I have some concerns about the story ending with the priest committing suicide, although if the demon could read his mind, I guess he did not have much choice. Good read.
Very powerful
Great writing and intriguing content. And your ending is certainly thought-provoking.
This is simply amazing. You have quite a talent for this style. Very vivid, I sense a novel in the works here. ^_^ I liked the character of the Father and how he didn't give in. The last line was pretty good too.
Whoaza! Very intense writing here! I really like this but was kind of shocked and disappointed in what the the main character does to himself, although I understand the dilemna. Great adventure here and this would make a very riveting novel or short sotry.:0) Good job!Janice
Oh yeah, also, thank you for the nice comment on my latest entry for the children's entry, that has to do with a lowly crawly creature that comes out of the dirt every 17 yrs. God bless.Nice job in your writing again.Janice