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A beautiful story. Really moving message. Good job!

I am not certain this fits with the adventure genre, but I absolutely loved your story.

Keep writing like this and I imagine that you won't be hanging around the beginners circle for very long.
Very nice, and I can definitely relate to your feelings! Good job
A story that all frustrated writers can relate to.
I can so relate to the feelings and emotions expressed here. Nice job.
I'm glad you finally got started. Now put a great story out for the children this week!
A wonderful story, and fairly well written. In the future try to avoid exclamation marks, and take care with your POV. When his wife entered you jumped into her head (thoughts). Good job, with very little work you will be moving up.
I enjoyed reading this story. As one other reader mentioned it does not seem to quite fit the Adventure genre. It seems odd that he has no experience with word processing. But your story is very well written.
Your title is perfect for sure - and I enjoyed the read. I could definitely relate. Nice job.
Hmmm...I'm wondering if you've been listening in on my conversations with God this week! True to life to any one who's just getting started. Good story.