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Very good and smoothly written.
Good story -- it would be interesting to see more detail of different lessons learned in various t.v. shows.

The phrase "seemed to" jumped at me a few times -- maybe overuse?

This is an intriguing concept that could make an interesting longer read. Really makes me think about what I'm "learning" from the shows I choose to watch.
Neat! What an awesome experience--to hear the rocks sing out their praise--but what an indictment, too. We need to praise God. (why let the rocks have all the fun?!?) The ending seemed teachy--let the reader put two and two together from your well told story. I enjoyed reading this and I've often wondered what it would sound like if I got to hear the rocks sing. good job!! :-)
Enjoyed reading this! My kind of sci-fi!! Keep writing for Him!
Hey -it let me in :) Twighlight Zone ... I like the different scenes, a few typos, but a really good concept - Good play one words "stood in stone silence"
Wonderful. Very well written with good imagination and scriptural lesson. Keep up the writing. I saw improvement just in the last two articles. Keep going, you're heading for greatness.
God bless.
LOVE this! It is great! A wonderful lesson learned. I couldn't wait to get to the end. Blessings to you! Keep writing.