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Your article made me smile - not at you but with you! You have really learned to overcome an obstacle and learn from it. Your article also touched me because you remind me of many of my students. If teachers thought of education as more than names and dates and made school meaningful, so much more learning could happen. That's why I wrote the article "History of Education". It's how I try to make a difference in the lifes of my students, who are a lot like you were. I only hope that they overcome their obstacles as well as you did! Good article!
This piece has a lot of promise. I don't know if all the errors or on purpose (for effect) or not. But, in spite of being informative, it's not very historical. But with a little revision, it would certainly be a fun piece.
Dear Lord! Hee Hee Hee. This is good and funny. A very cute story. God bless you.
Very good writing.
A nice explanation of the obstacles you've faced, and I love your attitude of how the Lord blessed you in spite of them. Keep writing! God knows your heart and He'll guide your hands.
This is hilarious. I could not stop laughing. ok chanks orf making ym dya.
I love your attitude to life. we should all see our limitations in life as what makes us unique and enjoy being who we are.Thanks for the lesson and remain blessed